Turquesa + Lima

Located in the basement of the Hotel, these contemporary style meeting rooms are specially equipped with the latest audiovisual facilities. The rooms can be partitioned.


Hotel Condes de Barcelona, Attn. Events Dept.
Tel.: 93 445 32 01 · Fax: 93 445 32 23
E-mail: convenciones@condesdebarcelona.com
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Are you organizing an event in Barcelona? Whether for a business or private meeting, at Condes de Barcelona you will find the ideal space for an unforgettable gathering. Surprise clients, colleagues, family or friends by renting a unique event space in the center of Barcelona.


Venues M2 Height (M) Length Width Plan
Turquesa + Lima 233,90 2,50 18,77 12,46 200 120 50 160 70 52 250 160